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This educational adult DVD is just one of a series on the Kama Sutra - and just one in a wide variety of educational DVDs hosted by Dr. Patti Britton - a renowned sex psychologist and teacher. I was excited to watch this DVD because I have a personal interest in the Kama Sutra and Tantric sex.

I was eager to see if the basics of the Kama Sutra would be covered - and if this DVD would truly educate one on this style of sex. I can say that while the very basics of the Kama Sutra were discussed - a majority of the important concepts were left untold. Admittedly, Kama Sutra concepts are deep and complex - but I think Dr. Britton could have done a little better explaining the method behind the techniques.

What was wonderful about the DVD was that some important sexual techniques and Kama Sutra-like ideals were presented. The idea of setting your romantic space, using all 5 senses to tantalize your lover, the importance of sexual touch and massage, including nature into your lovemaking , the 64 Acts and water play and techniques were all discussed and demonstrated by real life couples. The sex in this DVD is tasteful and not overly explicit. There was more massage and play than actual sex. Although, I will admit that one particular bathtub scene with a beautiful blonde left me wanting to take a bath!

The format of this DVD is similiar to that of other educational DVDs - there is a group session where Dr. Britton explains the concepts that she wants the couples to practice, i.e. sensual massage, then the couples do so while the camera captures their time together. THis DVD is designed to educate and implant new ideas to a couple's sex life - it is not porn. As stated previously, while there is indeed sex and intimate moments, they definitely lack a "porn-esque" quality.

One thing that definitely interested me was their use of sexual products in this DVD - many of which TooTimid carries. They used Honey Dust, Massage Oil, Body Butter, Edible Chocolate and Sea Salt Bath Products - all that can be found on TooTImid. It was much like a toy review that you could SEE - for that purpose alone it is worth the watch.

I would say that this is a good DVD for any couple seeking to increase their connection through different experiences, but not a DVD for those who want to know a lot about Kama Sutra. There are definitely basics covered, but nothing in detail. One thing is for sure, this DVD is sure to give you at least one new idea of how to have intimate time with your honey - it did for me - and that is hard to do!

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