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Who or what do you think about during sex?

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When you are having sex with your partner in a long-term relationship, who or what do you think about during sex? Especially in the phase when you want to achieve an orgasm.

A) I admire the sexy forms of my partner's body. (Admiring which body parts is most arousing during sex?)

Or then, maybe even with your eyes closed:

B) I imagine the lovely bodies that I once saw in porn. (Why? Because your partner's body is not very interesting?)

C) I imagine the sexy body of some other person whom I know personally. (Why? Is this person sexier than your partner?)

D) I imagine some other person, but not specifically the sexiness of his or her body. (Why? Do you love this person more, or are you just seeking more thrill from a wild fantasy?)

E) I think (or at least I hope) that my partner is looking at my sexy body with admiration.

F) I focus on my own experience of physical pleasure. I think about my own physical sensations.

G) I think how much I love my partner.


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