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OK, I must say first and foremost that I am usually a big fan of the "ultra realistic" toys, i.e. ones that are softer, and more closely resemble a real penis. This toy, however, is not my favorite toy in this category. I feel that it really misses the mark in one important way - stability!

For ME, in order for a realistic feel toy to hold its own under my discriminating tastes it has to have certain characteristics. This includes: real, soft feel, realistic "veins" or other distinguishing features, nice vibrations (hey, if I am going to pick a toy over my hubby I have to have SOME incentive), nice size and girth (why play with a pencil when you can use a marker!) AND finally - firmness or stabiiity.

This toy is perfect - absolutely perfect - with all characteristics but the firmness. I noticed it right when I took it out of the plastic that it was a bit too "bendy" for my tastes. However, I believe in equality for all toys - so the only way I could determine if I was judging too harshly was to play with my new toy. I put the 2AA batteries into the power pack (which attaches to the toy via a cord) and began to check out my new toy. I noticed that the "soft feel" quality was outstanding. It really is nice and smooth to touch. I also noticed some prominent, realistic, veins that stood out on the shaft. Very nice for fantasizing. Then I noticed that while the toy is not flaccid, it is bendy. This concerned me - but as I have said, I was willing to try.

This toy is made of a cyberskin-like material, so I knew NOT to use a silicone-based lubricant with it - it will destroy the toy. So, I opted for a water based lube. I lubed *him* up and myself and began to tease myself. While it is a bendy toy, playing was nice. Rubbing the 1.75 " wide and 6" long realistic penis between my shaven lips was quite heavenly. There was little or no difference in feeling to when my hubby does this to me. I turned on the vibrations - the vibrator is in the center of the shaft - and enjoyed rubbing myself while using the vibrations.

When I began to insert I found it to be a bit difficult. The toy is firm enough to insert, but sort of "bunches" up when you are taking it in and out. I think my personal taste is for a bit harder, stiffer of a toy. However, even with the bendy and bunchy qualities, it still felt nice and filling and soft and sensual inside me. The vibrations are nice and strong -and the girth definitely was a plus with me. WHile I did enjoy the playing, I needed extra clitoral stimulation to cum. I used a bullet and between the filling nature of this toy and the bullet I came many times.

All in all this toy does hit the mark for me - but if it was a bit stiffer, I would have been happier. This toy would definitely be good for any woman (or couple) who likes the realistic look and feel. If you are contemplating acting out a fantasy with another man - this toy would aptly play the part of man #2! I caution anyone buying this toy to maintain its care - use soap and water to clean, NEVER submerge in water, use ONLY water-based lubricants, and make sure you DRY the toy completely in air! So, if you don't like the "stiff" feel of many rubber or plastic toys - then this toy would be PERFECT for you. Get that soft, personal touch and let your mind run wild with this vibrating dong!


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