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Anyone have any toys that you bought and wished you hadnt. Toys that were major disappointments or didnt work like they should.

Tell us what not to waste our money on.

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NotSoTimid, I would suggest that you read the reviews on the toys that interest you, if there are reviews on them, so see what we liked and what we didn't. All of our Reviewers give as honest opinions as we can on the toys that we try out. Also, try and keep in mind when reading reviews, that it's our OPINIONS, and how the toy worked for US. Some people like different sorts of stimulation, get a toy that may be too much for a beginner, or not enough of a toy for the avid toy user.

If looking for some added fun in your bedroom, try and keep in mind what excites you & your partner, and what may help excite you even more in those areas. Sometimes, the search is just as fun as when you get the toy and use it!!

Happy hunting!!!

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Hi Notsotimid! Well I have gotten some toys that just weren't right for me, didn't stimulate me enough in one area or another. As far as a bad toy I don't think there really is one. Read the reviews here since we all give our honest opinion on them, and remember that if they just didn't have enough stimulation, or vibration for one of us it doesn't mean it won't for you. Some of the ones that didn't quit have enough punch for me I tried different positions with it and always seemed to find a way for it to get me to the big O. Guess I am a little selfish in that area I will always find a way to reach the O.

Search the site some and read the reviews here, plus make sure you keep in mind what you both like and what stimulates you both the most. I agree with Tyger on the fact that searching for that special toy is just as fun as using it!!

Happy Shopping!!

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