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Hi; I am new to the board, and I have a question about an anal toy I purchased from Too Timid. I purchased the purple anal plug, and after I inserted it , it kept popping out. I was in hopes that I would be able to benefit from some prostate stimulation, but didn't come close. Should I try the plug without, or with very little lubrication?~SCOT

First, as a suggestion, when you post something, if its not a response to the post you're reading, make it a NEW TOPIC, so that your question will be answered quicker. We don't look for different topic questions in one post. Make sense? We don't want people to feel ignored.

As far as the anal plug, first, don't ever use an anal plug dry. Use as much lubrication as your anus needs! You can damage yourself if you don't. When first using an anal plug, you may need to hold it in place, since your body is getting use to something being inserted in there. Your body's natural reaction for something *up there* is to push it out.

Hold it in place, learn to relax with it in. Slow, deep breaths. Take as much time needed to get it in as far as it's comfortable for you.

I would also recommend anal beads, which are put up into the anus, and then, at the moment you feel yourself coming, you pull them out by their cord.

Good luck!!

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