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I have seen 2 of these fims in the Loving Sex series and I have got to say - they are really good! I believe that all couples who are interested in spicing up their sex lives should watch this series. Dr. Patti Britton is a sex therapist and she does a wonderful job providing helpful information with live couple re-enactment to make all the concepts sink in.

THis particular film is about Erotic Seduction. Dr. Britton interviews people on the streets and asks them their opinion on such topics as: Setting the Mood, Using Food with Sex, Strip Teasing or Sex in Nature - and then she shows real live couples acting out the concepts. These couples are attractive and you can tell they are really doing what they are illustrating. There is sex, oral sex and a whole lot of fun going on. The fiming is tasteful and through the viewpoint of watching loving couples - in this manner, it is not pornographic - it is educational.

My hubby and I enjoy watching these films because they are stimulating and interesting. They have given us some new ideas as to how to spice up our already hot sex life. In this film, one of the couples takes having dessert to a whole, new level. The woman ends up naked on an outdoor picnic table while her lover slathers her with chocolate and whipped cream! It is erotic and sensual and made me crave chocolate in the worst way!

These films would be great to watch alone for ideas, together for ideas and sexual inspiration or just together to get aroused. The sex is mild and really would appeal to a woman. I highly suggest this series of films to all couples - for the educational as well as the sensual nature of the films. We can all stand to learn more about sex - knowing more makes it better!


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Hi Mikayla,

This is one of the Dvds I ordered. I watched it and agree it is a very good one. My hubby has not watched it but I'm hopeing he will watch it with me and hopeing that it will help us get out of this rut we are in. I also ordered Sexual Satisfaction but haven't watched that one yet.

Thank you for posting a review on these that helped me pick what to order.


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