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Friend's sister-in-law


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2018 is the first time I met my close friend's sister-in-law, I knew then I want to fuck her because she's petite and hot. Fast forward, we all live together now including her husband. I give her hints that I want to fuck her brain out by staring at her medium size tits, ass, one time she was wearing one of those fabric sports short and I saw her pussy prints her pussy is not too big or small it's beautiful and I could tell her pussy is tight, my cock got rock hard bigger and bigger, fatter and fatter in my shorts I was wearing I had to hide my hard on from her. She knew I was staring at her tits, ass and pussy and I continues to do so everyday and she know, every time we talk I give her more hints that I want to fuck her by give her lust look in her eyes and she does give me that look in my eyes that she want me to fuck her but I think she's scare of make the first move (all those when her husband not present). So, what should I do should I just go to her and compliment on her pussy that I saw and make the moves? I kinda want her to touch, grab and squeeze my big cock in my pants at first. What should I say to her?  

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Tell her how hot you think she is and how she gets you excited and see how she responds. I would not start off by telling her that you want to fuck her.

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