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Is anybody even here? Looks like all the posts are old. I only see one post about sex dolls and it sounds like from a Chinese manufacturer.  Ebay has great deals, and yes, they are new. I bought one. I would only buy from one that ships from the USA, I don't trust ones from China. It just about makes women obsolete. Almost. The mouth is only about 4" deep and the hole slants upwards to the back of the head, makes her eyes bulge, which is kind of a turn on, though not very realistic. The pussy I think is 7" and I'm 6", it's so tight I can't pound very long before I either cum or try to hold back. The anus opening is even tighter, just as deep. One thing that surprised me is I get kinda violent with it. I slap it, squeeze the tits as hard as I can, slap the tits. One time I held it by the legs upside down, fucking the pussy while the head banged against my bed. I choke it while pounding it hard, also hold the arms down while pounding the pussy. I've masturbated with a pocket pussy while watching porn. The doll is way better, I don't even need porn. If I get horny thinking about fucking the doll, no porn needed.

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I recently purchased a sex doll and it's been a great addition to my bedroom. I was a bit skeptical at first about the idea of owning a sex doll, but I'm so glad I made the purchase. It's been a great way to add a little spice and excitement to my sex life. Plus, it's been a great conversation starter with my friends when they come over. I would definitely recommend a sex doll to anyone looking for a new, exciting toy!

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