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Stirke Or Gutterball - You Decide


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I am not a big lover of bowling but I AM a lover of anal play! So, when this new Radiant Gems Anal Plug came in my latest TooTImid box, I was ready to try and bowl myself over with anal lovin'! Having previously tried another Doc Johnson anal plug, I was eager to try this one as well. I thought that the swirl around the shaft would add extra stimulation and I was eager to see if the proclaimed "suction cup" action worked at all - and I had my doubts.

I figured I would try this one solo - by anchoring it to my bathtub side. I took a long, warm bath and attemtped to suction it to the side. The suction cup does NOT work well enough for solo play. I was dissapointed, but I figured my hubby would like to play too - so nothing was really lost in the experiment.

I went upstairs - my toy having already been washed in the tub - and showed it to my hubby. Now, he was the last one to experience anal stimulation - so his eyes got LARGE and eager. I told him, "sorry honey, tonight is MY night" and he smiled even bigger! Personally, I think the swirls were intimidating him a bit - but I was ready to play!

After my hubby went down on me getting me oooohhhh so hot and bothered, he grabbed some lube (water-based, this toy is a Sil-A-Gel mixture) and lubed it up well. I was anticipating this anal play with an open mind and open legs. My hubby began to work the toy in. I felt the small bulb of the head slip in - very nice. I waited for the rest but it wasn't coming. My hubby said the toy is VERY soft and hard to insert. I had anticipated this, since I washed the toy and noticed how easy it was to bend in half. He had to place his hands directly below the part he wanted to insert to get it to go in. For him, this was a dissapointment.

When it was all the way in, he began to withdraw it - and when he tried to put it back in - the same problem arose. This toy is just too pliable for anal play. While the toy felt wonderful - we could not do insert and withdrawal - only insertion. We solved that problem by doing a DP - and that made my hubby very happy. He could feel the swirls when he penetrated me - and the extra pressure was GREAT!

All in all this toy did not hit the mark for me or my hubby. It is just too bendy for anal play. It took way to much effort to insert it, and I doubt that there is anyway that one could do it solo. However, there are many people who just want a little penetration - and for that purpose this would be fine. It also worked well for the DP once inserted. So, if you are a woman who just wants a little something in her anal canal during sex - this would work for you too. It is 7" long and about 2.25 at the largest point - but this is the base. This would NOT be a good toy for beginners because it might frustrate you too much to continue playing. I suggest this toy for serious anal players only! I am sorry to say that this toy did not deliver a strike - it was more of a gutterball for us!


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We had the same problem with the "7 sky color smooth tool from this collection. If it had been just a bit more firm, it would have been excellent.

So how long is this toy, and did he try to twist this toy while it was in you? I thought that might add something to the experience, but I doubt it would be enough to redeem this toy.

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