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This is the 3rd toy in the new Doc Johnson Radiant Gems line that I have tried this week and I have to say, this toy misses the mark (and my G-SPot) just a bit. WHile it is not a bad toy - I just don't think it has what it takes to be called a G-Spot toy. THe positive attributes are that it is soft and sensuous, made of Sil-A-Gel material (silicone mixture that is soft like jelly) - which makes it easy to handle. It is a nice size - 8" long and 1.5 inches wide - so not too big that it would intimidate new toy users. Because it is a solid piece, and made of a silicone mixture, it will last much longer than a traditional jelly toy. Plus, there are no toxins in this toy - which ultimately made it super safe.

The negative attributes - which unfortunately for ME are both big one - is that it is a bit too bendy. I prefer my toys a little bit on the firmer side - especially for a G-Spot toy. The aim of a G-Spot toy is to push and rub internally on the G-Spot - in order to do this, the toy has to be firm. I had my doubts when I took this toy out of the box and felt how bendable it was. It also does not vibrate. I am a firm believer from experience that G-SPot toys that vibrate better stimulate. However, I believe that all toys deserve an opportunity to perform, so I waited to pass final judgement until we played with it.

I showed my hubby the new toy and he was as skeptical as I was. I think he is beginning to understand what I like in a toy. He began by running this toy up and down my slit - which was very nice and smooth. Then he gently "tapped" my clit with the end - and that was REALLY nice. Then, he lubed me and the toy up with some Too TImid Personal Lubricant and began to insert. To my surprise, the toy inserted fairly easily. It is firm enough to vaginally insert - but I would not try it anally. It felt thick and solid - which is a nice sensation. However, my hubby just could not find or stimulate my G-Spot hard enough with this toy. We finally used one of our favorite bullets to bring me to orgasm and then continued with the G-Spot stimulation via fingers.

This toy was a pleasure to play with - but did NOT give me a G-Spot orgasm. Perhaps if you are a woman looking for a soft toy to experiment with - this toy would be perfect for you. Or, if you find that you don't need much pressure to simulate your spot, then give this toy a try. It would also be excellent for those women who prefer non-vibrating toys. I am confident that the right user is out there and that he or she knows that this toy would work well for them. However, I have to say - while this toy was a hit for insertion and general feeling it was definitely a miss when it comes to G-Spot stimulation.

Give it a Shot to find your SPOT

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Mikayla, although this thing didn't do the job due to the lack of firmness and vibration, what about the shape?

Does the bent nose provide a different stimulation than one that is penis shaped (veins and all)? Assuming they both vibrated, same dimensions, etc...

Curious men want to know...


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The size is not bad at all, however I got no real added stimulation from the bent tip. I think if this toy was just a bit less bendy that it would have brought it to a whole new level! I came using the toy - it is filling enough - but I had to use a bullet on my clit because I wasn't getting a good stimulation from inside. This is not a bad toy - as long as you don't expect it to give your girl a g-spot orgasm!

Mikayla ;)

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