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I've been into anal play for a long time. It started when I was a teenager. I loved anal porn and wondered what it feels like. So I tried it. I was instantly addicted to it. I continued and start desiring larger objects. When I moved to Key West I went all out. I bought dildos and used them constantly. I was never attracted to men per say but I met a couple of very pretty and well hung transvestites. I loved it. I ended up meeting a trans woman and I really liked her. We went to her place to party together. We get to her place and she tells me friends were coming over. Four more trans women showed up. We all started partying. They asked me if I liked trans women. I said yes. They asked if I was top or bottom. I said very bottom. I told them I was a complete anal whore and loved to suck cock. They all proceeded to pull out there large cocks. Turns out they were all in adult films. I began to suck their cocks. Shoving their fat cocks down my throat. They laid me on the coffee table, pulled my head back and gang fucked my throat while finger my ass to warm it up. First one finger then adding fingers until almost her entire hand was in my ass. I was ready to get pounded. I got down on the floor one knees, bent over, stuck my ass up, and spread my ass for their cocks. I could feel how loose my ass already was and was hungering to feel a huge cock shove in it. I felt one of them get behind me. She grabbed my left hip and used her other hand to put her cock in my ass. She shoved it in and it slid right in with no resistance. All the anal stretching I had done was to prepare my ass for the gang bang I always fantasized about. I felt her fat long cock slide all the way in my ass. She then began pounding my ass as hard as she could. I couldn't believe how well my ass was handling this. I knew then I wanted more cock. While my ass was getting destroyed I looked up at the others and said for one of them to grab them back of my head and fuck my mouth. The girl that was pounding my ass first got up to let her friends have a turn. When she pulled her cock ass I could feel my asshole gaping. I heard one of them say that was one of the biggest assholes she's ever seen. I asked her how loose it was and she said sloppy loose and it feels amazing. I was so turned in by that. I the one without saying anything just shoved her cock in my ass and another cock was shoved in my mouth. Feeling my ass and mouth filled with cock just made me want more.  The first girl that fucked me leans down next to my ear and says she has some more friends coming over and asked if they could fuck me too. At that point all I wanted was as much cock as I could get. I told her she could call all her friends. The five of them continued to fuck me tag teaming my ass and mouth. The first one was ready to cum. Without asking she tilted my head back, I opened my mouth as she jerked her cock in my mouth. She came pumping a massive load of cum in my mouth and on my face. She asked me what am I going to do with that mouth full of cum. I looked at her and swallowed all of it. It tasted so good. I looked at them that I want to swallow as much cum as I can and have my face covered. The other friends showed up. There end up being 18 women with nice fat cocks.and the gang bang really began. It went on for two days. Yes there were party favors involved. They started lining up and continually pounded my ass. It then stepped up to double anal. That is the most amazing thing I ever felt. It was All double anal from that point. My asshole was so stretched out and loose I couldn't even clinch it anymore. It was a stretched out gaping hole still beging for more. The anal abuse continued. When I I thought it was over I looked in the mirror. My face was covered with a thick coat of cum. I had swallowed so much it's all I tasted. I spread my ass and looked at my asshole in the mirror and there was a stretched out gaping hole. I saw cum dripping out and my hole was close to 4 inches wide. Seeing this just made me horny all over again. I started sucking their cocks and it all started again. After it was finally over I laid down with my legs tingling. My asshole felt so loose that I couldn't help but to start playing with it. I started to fingering my hole. First I just used one finger and felt it move around freely inside my loose hole. I went straight to four finger going knuckle deep. Right then the first girl I met, and whose home and bed it was. Came walking in the room and saw me filling my as. She said don't stop keep going. Her friend walks in behind her sees me and closes the door. They said let us watch for a while. She then told to stretch my as out wider. I added my thumb and five fingers in. She said pull your fingers out and let me lube you real good. She then spread one ass check over and was able to pure lube right in to my ass. She said lay right there and began fingering my ass. Starting with four and then five. Next she worked she whole hand in. She fisted me for a few minutes and then laid down and told me to get on top. I got in her and sat in her cock as it slid right in. Her friend then climbed behind me and shoved her cock in my ass. I love double anal. They pounded me for about twenty minutes. They then pumped two mouth filling loads of cum. I laid back down, my face still covered with cum. The girls both used their fingers to slide all the cum on my face into my mouth. They then said before you go to sleep there's something we'd like you to do. I said anything you want. One of them told me to lay on my side and spread my ass check. She pulls out a big butt plug and shoved in my ass. She said It was big enough that it could hold itself in my sloppy loose ass. She told me to sleep with it left in. That way if she wakes up and wants to fuck me my ass will be ready to go. Her and her friend did wake up a few times. After that encounter it left me wanting more. This was the first encounter like this I have had and there were more to cum. If you liked this let me know. I have more to tell. They are all true stories including this one.

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That was definitely a cock-hardening story. Loved it

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