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This is the story of my wife and I taking our first steps towards a much wilder and open sex life.


My wife Karen has a great body and a really nice tit's and shortly after we were married I started encouraging her to show it off, by wearing more reviling clothing

one night a friend was at our house till sometime around midnight
karen was wearing a very low-cut blouse with no bra
I caught paul trying to get a better look a couple of times.

When I had the chance, I told Karen he was trying to see down her blouse
all she did was smile and said “oh”
Karen went to the kitchen to get snacks for us and when she returned I noticed that she had undone one more button on the already low cut blouse
now from the side you could see the start of her nipples and they were standing out.
after paul had left we talked about the show he must of seen
karen got a real charge out of knowing he was looking and that night and the next morning she was a wild cat in bed

over the next few days we talked about the show paul must have seen
and I could tell she always got excited thinking about it

I talked to her about how much she wanted to show paul and she always smiled and said we will see
the next time paul come over it was about 9 at night and karen true to form was making sure he got a peek here and there.

I made up my mind to make sure that paul got the best view of his life

midnight I told karen, me and paul were going out for a few drinks and I would be back in an hour or two
told paul I would be right out after I tucked my wife in to bed
earlier i had made sure that the bedroom blinds were open
the bedroom window faced the driveway parking area

 as soon as he went to the car i took karen into the bedroom and stood with her helping her undress slowly running my hands over her breast and butt before i turned out the light

the next day paul came back to the house and and asked me when the next show was

when he left i told karen he let me know he seen her undressing last night

 and every time we would make love i would open the shades a little bit telling her that we may get caught again.
pauls birthday was coming up and we then decided to setup our friend to get a better look
we invited him over for a birthday dinner

The day of the dinner karen got dressed in a short tight skirt and nice shirt

She looked at herself from different angles in the mirror before deciding that she would unfasten one more button.

The shirt wasn't transparent by any means, but it would be obvious to anyone that she wasn't wearing a bra and she was showing a nice amount of cleavage.

she asked me how she looked and the only thing i said was i could see her panty lines in that skirt

she lifted the skirt and remove her panties.

Paul showed up at the house a little bit early and karen was still cleaning up the living room

as she used the vacuum she would bend at the waist to get under the chairs and coffee table

giving paul a nice view of her behind


She always got along well with paul but it was pretty clear she was getting more attention than usual from him and the bulge in his pant’s said it all.

Karen was amazed at pauls reaction.


I dared her to undo a few more buttons on her shirt. She undid one button on her next trip to the bathroom.

From the right angle paul could see a nice amount of side boob and when she bent over her shirt would billow open giving look at her lovely breasts hanging down.


After dinner we went back to the living room were Karen served us cake and coffee

She sat on the couch next to paul and when he was looking a different direction she undid one more button of her blouse

Her nipples were now halfway exposed and paul notice right away

He put his arms around Karen’s waist and would move the fabric back causing Karen's breast to completely show

He sat there looking down at her breast and when Karen caught him looking

She unbuttoned her shirt completely.

Paul would hold Karen and allow his hand to accidentally slide over her breast every time karen would move.

karen would smile and lean forward pressing her breast into his hand.
At the time I wasn't sure how far Karen would take this new interest in exhibitionism, but I was ready to let her take it as far as she wanted as long as I was along for the ride.


the following week Karen told me to ask  paul to stop by the house around 8pm.
karen waited for paul

as paul pulled into the driveway karen ran to the bathroom before he got into the house

 i took our paul into the kitchen which was next to the bathroom and waited for karen knowing what she was planning
karen walked out of the bathroom with towel over her head drying her hair
paul was sitting facing the bathroom door and i was sitting with my back to it he got a full view of karen
karen said oh well too late to do anything about it now you seen all of me
she went and sat down at the table by his side stopping long enough to give him a hug and kiss
after a short time we returned the living room karen again sat with paul on the couch and when i got up to go to the bathroom karen took pauls hand and placed it on her breast as she rub his manhood through his pants.
when i returned paul pulled away from Karen
karen just keep rubbing him through his pants
i could see that she was getting very wet and excited

i sat down next to her and started rubbing her clit she undid pauls pants and slowly started to kiss and rub him
her body jerked as i brought her to a climax she let out a moan
she then pushed me away and got on top of paul allow his dick to rub the outside of her
that was all it took paul shot his load over her belly.

Karen stood up and took paul by the hand and lead him back to the bathroom
she undressed paul and got into the shower with him
she took the soap and washed his chest using herself as the washcloth
slowly rubbing her breast all over him

It did not take paul very long to get hard again
he lifted Karen up and held her just over the top of his dick
slowly lowering her down on to it
Karen let out a small moan of approval and kissed paul
paul slid into Karen with ease
Karen responded by moving with him

Paul came quickly and held onto Karen pulling her into him

When they got out of the shower Karen turned speaking to me and said your turn and walked into the bedroom

I put down the camera and when into the bed with her
Karen took me in her arms and started to kiss my chest and slowly moved down
I laid there enjoying the attention she was giving me
she took me into her mouth and started to give me what would turn out to be the best blow job of our marriage
paul joined us in bed using his hand and bringing Karen to 3 more climaxes

As soon as paul left we went back to bed
Karen had no intentions of letting me sleep
she started rubbing and kissing me making sure I was ready for more action
as soon as I was hard she climbed on top of me
she move with incredible speed up and down taking all of me in
within a few minutes she let out a scream as she climaxed
falling face down on me allowing me to control the speed of or love making
we both came almost at the same time
she fell a sleep with me still in her total exhausted

The following morning we talked about the activities of the night
and it was agreed that I could look for more ways for her to show off
her only rule is I cannot tell her if I setup the meetings or if they are accidental
she enjoys thinking that they are accidental



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