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Guess what I did today while my son was in school? I was a dirty, dirty, DIRTY GIRL! There are too many toys and not enough time - so a girl has got to utilize her time well. I pulled out my new Doc Johnson Swirl Vibe - and popped in an Adult DVD (to be reviewed soon) and got down to some personal lovin'!

This soft, silky, silicone vibe is unique because it has 3 sections of bee hive like swirls at the very head, and it is smooth the rest of the way down. I inserted the 2AAA batteries, washed her off - which is easy because it is WATERPROOF - started my movie and removed my panties. I felt soooo dirty watching an adult feature in the middle of the day in the middle of my living room! It didn't take long until a great lesbian scene came on the video and I was ready to play.

The swirls really added to the sensation even before I turned it on. Just rubbing it between my lips was really getting me going. I turned on the vibrations - which are easy to do with the simple one-touch dial on the side - and continued to run it between my lips, stopping every so often on my clit. I was getting wet, so I inserted the toy while watching my gorgeous girls go at each other with verve and gusto!

THis toy feel nice when inserted, but I can not claim that the swirls are noticeable while inserted. The vibrations are wonderful, the size and width are satisfying - 6" long and 1.75" wide - and it really packs a punch during play. However, I found it most satisfying when I removed it and rubbed it repeatedly over my clit. So in and out and on my clit I went until finally a large, intense, "bad girl" orgasm rocked my world! It was exactly what I needed today - a true stress reliever!

I would recommend this toy to anyone - newbie or advanced player. The silicone material makes it easy to care for - just DO NOT use silicone-based lube - and it will last for many years with proper care! I could even see this toy being used as an anal toy - if you do not insert it too far. I also would highly recommend this toy for any mid-afternoon lovin' on YOUR Couches cause that was absolutely heavenly!

Have your Naughty time!

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