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When I got back home from working last night decided to go into the backyard and get into the hot tub before going into the house. Before I got in I texted my wife to see if she wanted to join me. I climbed in and she came out and joined me. We were just laying there eyes closed enjoying the evening with bubbles all around us. I then moved over and had the Jets working their way on my asshole on my genitals. It felt like multiple tongues just having their way with my body. I got hard right away. I told my wife she needs to move to get a good feeling on her. She did and then shortly she turned over and spread her legs and let the water work on her clit. Before long she was bobbing up and down and moaning and having an orgasm. She said I think we need to go in the house and jump in the bed. I didn't hesitate. We grabbed our robes and didn't even put them on but walked back through the yard and into the house totally naked. We got in and jumped into bed right away and I immediately spread her legs got my face down between them and do what she likes best. Licking her clit and playing with her g spot. She had another orgasm and she came so hard she just squeezed her legs around my head I thought she was going to make my head explode.  

She then pushed me off of her onto my back and started stroking on my cock and playing with my balls. She then reached into our toy drawer and pulled out a big vibrating, rotating dildo. She lubed it up and worked it into my ass and then she put it in as far as she could and got down and started sucking my balls and cock. Before long I had a mind-blowing, body stiffening explosive orgasm like I haven't had in a long time. We then both rolled over, I took out the dildo, and we just lay there in ecstasy.

This is what the dildo looks like


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