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After all the discussion on nipple play it seems that the pleasure is not just relegated to the women. Realizing that the future is female and enjoying a female led relationship I wholly respect women and all that is feminine. My wife has helped me have the best of both worlds. My own breasts are firm B cup with puffy pierced nipples.  Always stimulated and erect I can't seem to stop thinking of my "girls" and how lucky I am. The other day after showering I noticed they were more tender and full feeling than usual. As I dried off and began rubbing lotion on I noticed that it appeared that the nipples were leaking. I called my wife to tell her. When she saw the slightly creamy liquid she felt for lumps and then squeezed both nipples. A stream shot out of both nipples and my wife squealed with delight! She massaged the lotion on my breasts and milked my nipples and again another squirt of cream. "Congratulations honey, you are lactating!" she exclaimed. She continued this until she was sure she had emptied them and then helped me clean up. I dressed and still could not believe what just happened but now felt more in touch with what the feminine form has experienced and enjoyed. Like the song, I feel like a women tonight. 

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