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Halloween Afternoon Delight

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As I walked out to the salon desk I noticed that my wife was no where in sight. I stood behind a women who was checking out when the receptionist leaned to the side. She told me that my wife had to leave and I should find a ride to the Halloween party. The women at the desk turned her head and said that she is going and if I wanted a ride I was welcome to as she just had to stop at her house which was on the way. Rather than Uber I accepted, and followed her to the parking lot. She told me to  get into her Mercedes as she placed a few bags in the trunk. She tossed her purse in the back seat as she looked me over without saying a word. We drove for about 5 minutes when she asked me my name, told me hers, and asked me to get her purse from the back. As I twisted toward her and strained to reach it I caught her stare as she looked at my cleavage. Handing her the purse she freshened her lipstick. Looking me over again she commented that the girls at the salon do such great work. At that she placed her hand firmly on my upper thigh as she softly dragged her nails over my hairless silky skin before returning it on my crotch.

We pulled into the driveway. As she headed to the door I was told to get her bags from the trunk. She motioned for me to drop her bags in the living room and get us both a drink. She took two sips and was finished. I was handed the empty glass and told to sit on the couch as headed down the hallway. I watched her as she stripped off the dress and stood in her bra and panties with her back to me.  She called out and told me to come to her room to help her with her costume. As I held her costume she pushed it away and kissed me deeply. Falling softly on her bed she pulled me down with her as my face landed between her thighs. We crawled up the bed as I pulled her panties to the side and tasted her sweet moist love nest. She moaned deeply and arched her back as her breasts heaved. I felt her feet rubbing on my crotch. Somehow she was able to free my cock from the side of my shorts. She stroked my cock with both feet as I licked and sucked on her labia and clit. She came and clamped me head between her thighs. At that she got up and took a deep breath as she motioned for me to clean up. With that I helped her with her costume. I fixed her bed spread which revealed a small wet spot.  As we headed to the car she smiled and with a smile said that we shouldn't keep my wife waiting as she might be wondering what we were up to. She also told me that she was glad that my wife asked her to give me a ride and would do so anytime. At that she reached out to hold my hand and kissed me while looking deeply into my eyes. As we drove her phone beeped as I listened to the call from my wife asking Kristin if we were on our way and if we enjoyed our afternoon delight. As she hung up we both smiled and leaned over to kiss again....

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