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Orgasm Trouble


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Welcome!! Many women have this problem. IME, it's largely due to us women not communicating with our partners what we do and don't like. Sometimes its fear of hurting his feelings/ego, other times, it may just be because we don't know HOW to communicate our desires. Verbal and non-verbal cues (like if he's doing something REALLY good with his tongue, grabbing a handful of hair, and pushing him down harder) are important. A good lover for YOU is not born, he is made. Each woman is different in what they like and dislike sexually. Also, relaxation is important as well. If you're stressing or constantly thinking "I can't orgasm this way.....I can't orgasm this way...." is too much like work. It takes time and patience to teach your mind to just shut up! :lol:

Also, read the article Howard suggested. It's very very helpful!!

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