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Club Jenna does it again, with another collection of scenes from various Jenna movies. Most of the clips in this one are from, what I like to call “the many Loves of Jenna”. In other words, the most of the titles starts with “Jenna Loves…”

Jenna Jameson is a favorite of mine. She just KNOWS how to get down and dirty with men AND women. And, if you LOOOOVE seeing women get it on, and don’t care for any dialog, this DVD is for you! There are a couple of clips with Jenna and a man, but there are more masturbation and woman on woman scenes in this DVD. Me likey! And if you likey too, let me recommend scenes #3 & 10! 2 blonde bombshells getting freaky by a fountain, using mouths and toys in scene 3, and scene 10, Jenna and Nikita get dirty in more ways than one. And, let me just peak your curiosity a bit more by saying that they have a really good use for a power drill!

I also liked the scene selection menu. There are 10 scenes, and then you can choose 1 of 3 shots from those scenes to view. This makes finding a favorite scene even that much more easier now. Different angles, and shots. You gotta love having choices!!

The blooper clips are cute too. They just seem like they’re having a lot of fun (who wouldn’t!!), and, for me, makes them a bit more on the real side.

There’s no dialog in the main part, so it’s not confusing or distracting either. Jazzy and techno music mostly fills the audio space up. I really liked that part. Especially where this is a collection of clips. ;)

So, if you like busty women, and a few well-endowed men, steamy sex, and horniness abound, well this film is a must have!! I know that this one will get plenty of viewing. It really got MY juices flowing!!!

You'll Love Jenna Too

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