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Hubby and girlfriend anyone?

Susan James

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That's what most people say. My wife had a hysterectomy and was prescribed estrogen vaginal cream. Little did we know that it could be transferred by contact. After months of exposure my breasts ached, nipples itched and they got puffy and budded. Her doc said that was due to the cream which might cause breast enlargement. She was given estradiol tablets to use instead. When she mentioned this to her friends they encouraged her to continue down this rabbit hole. They put together a smoothy with what I learned was estradiol, saw palmetto, fenugreek, and spironolactone. She continued the vaginal cream as she enjoyed the lubrication. And the results speak for themselves.  She and her friends have the best of both worlds. I have a better understanding of women and what they experience  and endure. I have no problem with a female led relationship and my current development. I realize it is not for everyone or even most people. 

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