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Hi! My husband is having a hard time having orgasm and ejectulate. He's erected the whole time when we had sex but just can't reach his orgasm. He told me that it just usually takes him a long time to cum. He probably cum only a few times since we had our sex relationship a last few years ago. He had a physical exam recently and the doctor said he's normal. I would like to help him but don't know how. We are planning to start a family, and this will certainly create a problem. Is there anything i can do to stimulate him more to reach his orgasm??

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with all due respect to his doctor, you may want to see a specialist (urologist) for a second, and perhaps more qualified, opinion.

While some guys may take more time to cum, this does seem somewhat rare (and that could be normal for him).

If it was me, i'd want something substantiated from a doctor other than my family doctor.

my 2 cents worth........

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I agree with Edge. A specialist is the one to really talk with with concerns such as this. Not that I'm knocking GP's in ANY way!

I am assuming that, since you are trying to start a family, that you're both either in your 20's or 30's? Otherwise healthy? If your husband had a physical, and was TRUTHFUL in it, that still doesn't mean everything is A-OK with his orgasm potential. MOST Men have a tendancy to just go thru the motions of a physical exam, answering questions as direct and blunt as possible, without much thought, and don't ask questions (Kinda like asking for directions :P ), from my experience at least. I don't know many people that enjoy going to the doctor. And if you bring up concerns, then there may actually be problems.

Stress, lack of exercise, diet, being sick, all can factor in, with the orgasm-less sex. Even the pressure that goes with trying to get pregnant. Especially if that is the MAIN reason you're having sex. I would suggest relaxing, and just having fun while making love. If y'all get pregnant, GREAT!! Practice makes perfect!!!

It may be a bit expensive, but seeing a urologist will ease any concerns, you may have. He needs to be completely honest with the doctor, about everything. If the doctor doesn't know there are concerns, (s)he can't address them or help.

Good luck!

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