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Japanese Tiger Dual Action Vibe


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Well, I saw this GK Sex Toy Company item and was SO excited to try this out. First off, of course, I love the tiger stripes!! I love all things tiger!

I smelled the vibrator, because it boasts that it has “no smell”. I have an over-active sense of smell, so I was able to smell a slight rubbery smell to it, which ebbed off after a washing. But it didn’t overwhelm my sensitive nose, as many vibes tend to do.

The clear rubbery casing around the vibe wasn’t sticky at all, even after washing. I was able to get a good look at the vibe, and was intrigued by the many shapes on the vibe. The head of the vibe is almost circular and flat, which was unique in any vibe I’ve seen before. The tip has a “tickler” on it, that almost looks like a thorn, but definitely not as unpleasant as one. On the shaft, between the head and the clit stimulator, are various sized bumps, that look more like breasts to me, since on the top of each bump is a small nubby. I saw that, and thought “breast”. Hey, the more stimulation, the better, right? Down to the area of the clit stimulator, I also see on the backside, a very flimsy piece of rubber, with nubbies on the inside of that, that I guess should stimulate the anus.

The clit stimulator should have it’s own chapter!! Here was a stimulator with a bullet inside it, and this thing also had 3 protrusions coming out of the end that would be touching my clit. I can only liken them to an elephant!! The middle one looks like the trunk, since it’s so long! And the 2 smaller stems, kind of resemble little feet.

The controls are fairly easy to use. The vibe has 3 motions of vibes, 3 of pulsations, 1 motion of amplification, and 8 levels of rotations. Whoo-hoo!!

I put in the 4 AA batteries (not included), in the easy to remove battery compartment, and turn it on. Ok, well the rotating head was very interesting. I’d never seen anything like that before, and was a bit skeptical, but I’m always willing to try something new! Then came the vibes. I loved the settings, and the strength of the vibes. And I will admit to laughing at the little boogie that the clit stimulator was doing. But all in good fun, I was very excited to try it out!

After a lengthy romp with hubby, (to which he was willing to use some toys of my choice), we were both tired. He wanted to watch some TV, and relax, so I decided to go try out my tiger. So, already satisfied, and still sensitive, I get down to business. I teased myself first with the vibes. The only bullet in the vibe was suppose to be strong enough to go down the whole length of the toy, and it did, but it wasn’t that strong at the head. At least, not for my tastes. More teasing, and I turn on the rotations, & slowly insert the head, feeling the caressing of the head, and liking that very much! I turn on the vibes, and start really working the toy in and out. I could feel the rotations, and the little bumps on the shaft very well. The “trunk” of the bullet, wasn’t as firm as I like it, so I had to push the bullet a bit further to have it touch, though the vibing proboscis was really nice. I barely felt the anal stimulator. It was kinda irritatingly tickling me. That, and the stim’s appendages weren’t firm enough for me to feel them really. But the pressure of the bullet, and the caressing of my vaginal walls did it for me, in a whole new way. It didn’t take me long to cum. I was very impressed with that. And fully satisfied as well.

I will say that this toy isn’t overly quiet, especially on the rotation feature. But, if you have a stereo going, or someone watching TV in the next room, then you should be fine.

This is NOT a waterproof toy! When cleaning it, make sure the controls/battery compartment stays dry, or if it does get wet a bit, has time enough to dry thoroughly.

I would say that this toy, as complex as it is, is for a moderate/experienced toy user. But this is something that I will be using again in the near future!!

Catch A Tiger By The "O"

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Not only does it look really awesome, but sounds like loads of fun. Time to add another to my wish list. My husband better get shopping exspecially after he broke one of our bullets. INTEREST sure is getting HIGH. LOL Great review!!

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