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Brea's Crowning Glory


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This film is FANTASTIC! It stars Brea Bennet - if you do not know the name, you soon will. This is Brea's debut film. What makes her so different? Well, she was crowned Jenna Jameson's successor on the wildly popular HBO show, "Jenna's American Sex Star." She was hand picked by Jenna to star in this film - and soon to be many more - as a new star that is sure to shine as brightly as Jenna herself has. I can see exactly what appeals to Jenna about Brea - blonde, GREAT body, one of the most beautiful, shaven and petite private parts that I have ever seen - and, she is just sassy!

Brea is not the only star in this film - there are 2 other GORGEOUS blondes, and one equally stunning brunette in this feature. For you women (as if looking at these hotties isn't enough) there are some outstanding male stars as well - Tommy Gun and Marcus London to name just two. All in all, this film has the lovelies!

Laurent Sky is the director - and his work is phenomenal in so many ways. There is an abundance of sexy fashions and outstanding angles. His style is one of crystal clear shots, fitting and fun music and my favorite feature - the most VIVID close ups I have ever seen. Early on in this film the difference becomes apparent when Brea is getting pounded by a hunky guy and the camera zooms in on her petite, freshly shaven privates getting aggressively tended to by her co-star. There is no shaking of the camera, no fuzzy shots - just a clear picture of what everyone wants to see - the action! These shots continue throughout the film - always erotic and always arousing, and when the angle changes from close up to far away - there is no amateur camera shaking, just flawless transition!

Close ups are not all that Laurent can boast - he also has unique and sensual shots of the ladies before they are in their scenes. You can get an accurate and thorough look of their gorgeous curves before they take it all off for the performance. They sort of "spin"around as if they were gorgeous maniqueins on department store spinners. THere is nothing like feasting your eyes on them and then wathcing them give highly sexual performances!

The music is nice and up-tempo - and it does NOT cover up the nasty talk that these girls - especially Brea - are dolling out. If you are offended by nasty talk - and women referring to their privates by using the C-word, then this is NOT for you. Brea definitely knows what to say and how to say it - sounding the perfect match of dirty girl and innocent new star. I am a HUGE fan of the dirty talk, and there is an abundance of it here!

There is something for everyone in this film - LOADS of hot oral, girl on girl, 2 guys tag-teaming 2 different girls, and all the hot sex you can handle. You can watch the film straight through, or visit the subject menu and pick "pussy eating", "blowjobs" or anal sex. This film would be wonderful for anyone because the beautiful photo techniques combined with the GORGEOUS stars are definitely enough to get anyone ready for action! This might be Brea's Crowing Glory, but it most certainly will not be the last we see of her!

Brea's Crowning Glory

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