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Is life taking its toll on you? Do you feel like you need some MAJOR tension relief? Well, in my little neck of the woods life has been putting me through the wringer right good, and when life gets me tense and aggravated, nothing calms my mind, body and soul like a good massage. Unfortunatly, I do not have the time to sneak away to the wonderful Spa resort that my hubby and I frequent, so I had to appeal to my hubby to take my tension away - and he readily agreed.

Now, I have a large sampling of massage oils here - and I think you can never have too many. However, I recently received a new Kama Sutra Massage Oil called "Soaring Spirit" and felt that it would be the perfect choice to recharge me. I LOVE Kama Sutra products - they are outstanding in quality, and always a big success with me. I find them to be sensual and well made as well as pleasantly scented.

In this particular line of massage oils, there are a few "scents" and "blends" to choose from. Soaring Spirt has a blend of orange and lemon (to help dispel depression); mint, geranium and fennel (helps to clear and refresh your mind) and a hint of rose brings your body into harmony. I FIRMLY believe that scents are a very strong signal to our bodies to release tension - and if you have ever been to a professional spa, you will notice that pleasing scents surround you in every room!

When I get massaged by my hubby I always set the stage for quiet, peaceful and romantic time. I light candles, play soft music, get completely naked, and place towels on the bed for cleanliness purposes. THis time I took a long, warm bath first to get a jump on my relaxation. When he first opened the bottle and poured some of this slick but not runny massage oil on my back, my nostrils were filled with the most pleasing scents. It is a rather strong smelling - albeit pleasant - scent that instantly calmed my nerves.

As my hubby massaged my trouble spots - neck and shoulders - I could feel the tension of the last weeks melting away. The music and the scent combined with my hubby's loving touch really put me in a place of peace. The massage oil felt wonderful on my body, and my hubby commented that like every Kama Sutra product, this oil was long lasting and non-sticky. He really likes to use the oils - which is great if you are spoiled as I am and request a lot of massages.

Normally, after a nice, slow massage I will feel very much in the mood for love, but this night turned out a bit different. The massage was so relaxing that I fell fast asleep! Not doozing - but literally snoring, drooling asleep! My hubby covered me up with a blanket and let me lie there until I woke up a few hours later to find him watching some TV. This was one of the most relaxing massages I have ever had, and it couldn't have come at a better time! I DEFINITELY recommend this oil to ANY COUPLE looking to relax and pamper each other. This oil lives up to its name - my spirit was depressed and after I woke up - I was ready to soar again!


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