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Jelly Jock Vibe

:( I do not like having to write a review for something that just wasn't for me. But I always keep in mind that what I do not care for, someone else loves. So, that makes my job a little easier!

This item is described on the site as being made of soft pliable jelly. I have to disagree only on the point that I found this toy to be quite hard and rigid. Yes, we all know that a sex toy needs to be able to 'stand on it's own' so to speak to get the job done, but I did find this particular toy to be TOO stiff! :P

There is an interior bulbous shaft that I believe was meant to make this toy have the bumps and ridges, but to be quite honest, I did not feel them when it was inserted.

The base is wide and was great for using it in a female missionary position - as it is able to stay in place much more efficiently as opposed to a vibe that lacks that feature.

This vibe comes with a battery pack that takes 2 AA's and has a dial to set it on low, medium or high. However, I did not find a great deal of difference except in sound.

Now the big question. Was it able to get me off? Sadly, no. I ended up needing some direct clitoral stiulation added to the mix to get where I wanted to be.

As a side note I would recommend this as an anal toy (even though I have yet to try it with this item) simply BECASUSE of it's build. The size would be just right for that at 1.5", and because of the base being as large as it is, would be safe to use anally.

Sorry, folks - I'm sorry to report that the Jelly Jock Vibe just wasn't for me.

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