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I walk into a room with 2 women already present and talking at a table. I join in the conversation and begin touching the one girl's thigh as i speak. She slowly gets up and pulls down my pants and as I start to undress her friend, the girl starts giving me a blowjob. After i have finished undressing her and turn around to start undressing her partner, the now naked girl in turn goes down and continues giving me a blowjob. by now i am already moaning a bit and the girls are loving it too. Then once i am finished undressing both girls, i receive a double blowjob.

After a couple of minutes, two of us hit the floor and go doggy style and the girl is moaning away, making me harder every second.

Afterwards, i turn my attention to the other girl and rub her clit with my cock up and down for a while and then push her knees back and down to the ground and I go deep inside her and I start to nail her straight through until she is screaming with orgasm and I am also moaning a lot.

After she has come, I roll onto my back and the other girl straddles her pussy over my face and I begin eating her fleshy paradise and before long she is crying out in pleasure and screaming for a coming orgasm. Meanwhile, Im receiving a blowjob on the other end and have to flex my groin muscles a few times to stop me from cuming.

Once the girl has cum, the girls swop around and I soon have the other girl screaming with pleasure and Im receiving a further blowjob from a very expeienced and excited girl. I can feel my cum boiling inside my balls.

Soon I flip over, take the blowjob girl by the waist in mid air, go inside her and starting drilling her while supporting her torso in the air. She is just hanging there and screaming for more and in pleasure. I come all over them and my orgasm is immense!

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