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As I finish up feeding dinner to everyone I go and pick up the last of the plates which hubby has in the room... Hmm its was good he says.. really glad you liked it... (rice, beans and chicken...lol)

As I turn to leave he calls to me and I turn and he asks where are the kids.. They are fine they are watching TV & the baby is sleeping and I smile and turn to leave.. How he managed to get to the door before me I still wonder and he asks but where are you going.. and I look at him really with a confused face as I am thinking DUH to put the plate in the kitchen... almost at the same time I am finishing my thought he grabs me and kisses me so deep I almost drop the plate in my hand and at the same time I feel my face get flush and my pussy get wet.. I look at him with a face like WhAT WAS THAT.. and he grins at me and I say I have to put the plate in the sink.. at this point I expect for him to do what he does always do move aside.. and I always think HELLO don't you know that is me saying just grab and take what you want?... I guess my thoughts have finally have been loud enough because he tells me no.. and grabs me again and kisses me deep and bites at my neck all I can do is drop the plate and moan at how good it feels but then I stop him and ask what happen but not even letting me finish what I am saying he pushes me on the bed face down and I am still "playing the what are you doing act" but all the while all I could do is feel my pussy start to ache to feel him inside me..

At this point he is grabbing at my long hair and not like he always does just to move it out of the way to see when I am sucking on his cock no.. he's holding on to it as to say his control is now his.. and all I can do is smile but he tells me I wouldn't be smiling for long... and so being who I am being controlled is something I want but don't let it be.. I am stronger then him in bed... Or am I? Not tonight it seems as he rips my pants of and smacks my ass so hard it aches and stings but feels so good.. and he begins to tease me with his cock he knows I can't stand that as my pussy is getting wetter and and then begins to play with my clit and all I can do is try to turn around so I can suck on his cock but he doesn't let me and he laughs I am so horny at this point I am almost screaming for him to fuck me.. and he slides so deep inside me it makes me what to buck back and fuck him but he pushes me down and takes himself out of me.. OF COURSE this gets me so mad and tell him what is going on is he going to fuck me or what but he laughs and he says OH I AM going to fuck you.. you horny Bitch at this I pause as he doesn't talk too dirty to me though I always have wanted him to and I say HUH and he tells me to shut up and get back in position.. and all I can do is grin and turn around as I do I feel him pull at my hair and grab on my breast as he puts himself inside me again and he starts so slow I feel like I am going to lose my mind.. all I can do is call out his name and tell him to fuck me but he stops and says NO BITCH its when I want to fuck you and turns me over and grabs my head to his cock and tells me No suck on my cock and I take him deep in my mouth hmm the taste of me on him makes me the more wetter and it makes me want to touch my wet pussy but he stops me and uses his finger and begins to finger fuck me.. and it makes me stop sucking but he says DID I tell you to stop... and Pulls me so his cock is on my lips.. hmm as I suck I can feel he is getting harder and its making me lose my mind again... and he stops and pushes me on the bed and goes down and starts to lick on my clit and finger fuck me at the same time.. now he knows its gonna make me come.. and tells me I'm gonna make you cum harder then last time when you splashed all over the bed.. it takes all I am not to scream so loud that someone will have to check if something is wrong with me as I am about to cum he stops and turns me around and starts to fuck me and tells me if I like it.. as I try to answer him but tells me he can't hear me as he pounds harder and harder into me... at this point my body is trembling as I feel myself cumming so hard I can't stay on my hands and knees and I fall down but he is still fucking me and I am still cumming so hard OH my goodness all I can do is moan and he grabs me and say open wide and swallow mmmm as I feel his warm juices going down my throat...hmmmm and lets go of me and says ok now you can take the plate into the kitchen.......

That's my fantasty my hubby is not DOM AT ALL.....its always me hunting him... OHHHH MY.. I need a cold shower now! LO LLOL

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