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Where The Boys Aren't #12


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Why do you watch porn? It varies for different people. I, personally, watch porn either because I'm horny and looking for inspiration or because I want to see hot people doing hot things. In either case, for me, WTBA 12 was a miserable failure. Clearly, however, I am unusual because in several different places this movie is rated one of the top girl on girl porn flicks ever. I can't imagine how. This movie actually made me less and less horny the more I watched it.

I am a woman. I like having sex with women. I would rather swear myself to a life of chastity than consider having sex with most of the women in this movie. Part of that is because I don't like fake breasts. I've seen fake breasts that I don't mind in other porn flicks. Fake breasts that just don't do anything for me. In this movie, most of the fake breasts I found actively disgusting. Giant misshapen udders that were nothing but an enormous turn off every time they came on screen. I actually instant messaged several friends to say "are there people who actually find these attractive?" and was informed that there are. It seems almost inconceivable. They made me want to look away.

Then there is the sex. On the surface of things, there is almost anything anyone could want in a girl on girl pornographic film. Oral sex, spanking, fingering, strap-ons, rimming, anal penetration, double penetration, orgies... you want it you got it. It was, however, some of the least hot sex I've ever seen. Part of that was because it was some of the least safe sex I've ever seen. You do not finger fuck someone with long nails. You particularly do not finger fuck someone in the ass with long nails. These are both terrible ideas. I got only halfway through the movie before giving up in disgust, and in the 2 hours I watched there were maybe 15 minutes that I would call arousing.

The acting was awful. The dialog was awful. The plot was inane. The special features were annoying to use. One of the woman had a voice like fingernails on a chalkboard. I am strongly considering mailing this movie to a friend of mine as as novel form of torture that he can watch when he wants to find naked women irritating. In short, I loathed it.

Who would like this movie? Well, apparently a lot of people. Specifically individuals who enjoy grotesquely large and improbable fake boobs, hardcore shots of (shaved) genitalia and penetration, and a lot of variety. With more than 4 hours of footage, including numerous special features, multiple angle shots, and bonuses, if WTBA 12 is your thing there is a lot of it to enjoy.

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