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I have read many articles on what are the best lubes. I enjoy using lube while having sex and I have tried many. Most are extremely sticky and don't last that long without relubing. In your opinion, if I was going to buy two differnet kinds of lube, what two kinds would you buy? What do you find are the best lubes on the market? I have used silicon lubes and I like them but the clean up is not that great so would you recommend a water based and a silicone based? I am sorry for all the questions but I want to get the best lubes out there to make my sexual experiences the best that they can be. Thanks for the help.


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I actually just wrote an article on lubricants - because there ARE so many out there to choose from! I suggest that people have at least 3 - a water-based, a silicone-based and an oral sex lube (edible!)

The water-based that I would recommend would be Astroglide or TooTimid Personal lube. They are both nice, non-sticky, non-staining and work well. The Astroglide actually could work well for anal play (it lasts that well) - and both work great for sex toy use or for vaginal sex.

The silicone lube is necessary for water play - the water-based lubes just don't stack up to a silicone-based. However, as always remember not to use a silicone lubricant wtih silicone, cyberskin or realskin toys - it will destroy the toy. I like Swiss Navy as a silicone lube - I find it smooth and sensual, Kama SUtra Pleasures is also a good one.

Finally, oral sex lubes are great for spicing up the oral sex time. Think Pink Pussy Lotion and Sweet Sex Lotion are two great ones. These I recommend to keep on hand for those oral moments. Definitely worth picking up!

So, I hope this helps - but feel free to experiment and find which ones work best for YOU! It can be an individual thing - one woman's treasure can be another one's trash!

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Mikayla's articles are must-reads! They're informative, educational... and very helpful!

We haven't tried TOO many lubes, but we've found that so far, our favorite lube is TooTimid's Pleasure Gel. We even prefer it over Astroglide. Our second favorite, which we just recently got and reviewed, is ID's Juicy Tangerine lube (YUM!). They're both water based lubes.

TooTimid's Pleasure Gel

ID Juicy Lube page

ID Juicy Lube reviews (so far for Lemon and Tangerine flavors)

Good luck and... have fun trying them all out! ;)

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