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Weight Of The Female


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I know this is an embarasing question, but here goes. I have gained 40 pounds in the past 20 years, and it seems as if my husband cannot stand to see me nude, but yet my lover of 30 years(he is over 65) never seems to be bothered with the way I look, I have even asked and his comment was that it is what is on the inside that counts, but I also know that I need to lose but cannot. What do other people think?

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Well, the easy answer is: different strokes for different folks. There are many, many men who will love you no matter what the size. Your lover seems to be of this ilk. Then there are those who are easily turned off by even the slightest bit of extra weight. Many people - men and women both - are not attracted to "heavier" or even chunky people. This is their preference. Then, there are men and women who literally become ignorant when their lover gains even 1 pound - this is hard to deal with because love is supposed to be blind.

While I am of the notion that we should strive to be healthy - meaning, a little extra baggage can be OK as long as you are healthy - I also can understand that people do have preferences. The reality, however, is that we change in our life. No one stays the same. We gain weight, get stretch marks, loose our hair, get glasses, wrinkles - what have you - and those that love us should love us regardless.

Sounds like your lover does - and your husband is a little more shallow - which is probably why you took a lover to begin with.

That is the best answer I can muster at the moment....

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