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Something I'm Trying To Overcome


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I was raised in a reserved family. Although my parents were open when talking about sex, they always made it sound natural and normal. Fast forward to when I met my hubby. I lost my virginity to him when we were engaged. Of course the first time was kind of like my Mom had explained how it would be and not like in the movies. Then things started to change. We started buying toys, he started talking dirty to me, etc. Although these are real turnons to me, I just don't feel right about doing any of it. I love the feel of a dildo inside me and I love the feeling I get when I watch porn, but I something inside me feels "wrong" about the whole thing. Kind of like I'm being bad or immoral. Mind you, I did not grow up in a religious family. In fact, my parents both grew up in strict Catholic households and they didn't want me to grow up that way. So why the heck am I feeling this way?? How can I get over this hangup?? I want to feel sexy when I have sex with my hubby.....not feel wrong. HELP!!!!!!! :o

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