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How do you like your kink? Cute, submissive, aggressive, a little on the “freaky” side, threesomes, women on women, men with women? Well, anyway you want it this DVD from Adam & Eve Productions has it!

There are 6 different “kinks”, plus 2 bonus scenes to choose from:

Plush: a girl goes at it in a barn full of stuffed animals with 2 guys to help get her get stuffed too. At least one of the men had a French accent, which was pretty sexy.

Sizzle: this one was one of my favs, Nicole Sheridan shows her kinky side with candles, hot wax, and even hot wax dildos with a buff and equally kinky guy to play along with her.

Por Tarts: 2 girls go at it in a room full of balls, and popping balloons with themselves. Those girls have some MAD oral skills, lemme tell ya! They certainly had a ball, in more ways than one!

Troubled Waters: a sub/dom scene in a bathroom. A beautiful Asian woman gets punished for being a bad girl by a hot young stud with some lashes, hot wax, and teasing. Great scene! Loved this one too

Naughty Night Nurses: my other favorite. One is dressed in all black, and the other in white even has a gas mask on, to go with her vinyl nurse outfit. Medical equipment, douches, and stirrups are included in this scene as well. They both love the oral attention, and the use of vibrators, and both squirt! however, the white one is very aggressive in her desire to get off with the glass dildo. She is very, very enthusiastic in her masturbation!

The last main scene was Stinky Sox, which I just fast forwarded thru, since feet and socks are just NOT my thing at all. The guy and girl do have sex with feet, sniffing sox, and loving toes. Again, not my thing.

The 2 bonus scenes was Panty Drawer, which was just 2 women posing in a box, in bras, panties, nylons and heels. No action, just different shots. The other scene was from the movie The Dinner Party, and it was called “Dinner Party”, where the 2 women have a lot more than cooking going on!

The only other thing that I didn’t care for was the whole spit-lube thing. I find nothing sexy about drooling on a person for lubricant.

But, all in all, this video was creative, well done, and pretty good. I would recommend it for those that love to mix it up in the bedroom, and don’t mind a little Extreme Behavior!

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Awww, c'mon, Tyger!! There's nothing sexier than seeing/listening to someone spit on their lover's personal private parts ad infinitum!!!


I'm with ya on that opinion. Both hubby and I can't stand porn where a blowjob is seriously overshadowed by thick lines of drool hanging from a woman's mouth -- what is she, a Saint Bernard? -- or a killer clit lapping is basically just some guy licking his own pool of spit off a woman like an ice cream. Icky, yuck, blech.

ANYWAY... minus that and the stinky sock fetish, the flick sounds like a good one. Nice review. :)

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