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I am a Male 29years. From my childhood I have noticed that my Penis is bend and is tilted towards right side. While getting errected, the same looks like a portion of the circumfirence of a circle.

I cannot share the my cause o worry with any body.

My family is already talking to get myelf married. I am bothered whether I shall be able to satifsy my partner sexually.

In all the Porn Movies I have seen, I try to look for somebody having bent penis and having sex. But unfortly, I couldnot see any of that sort. Hence, the same makes be worry a lot.

Please suggest me

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There is actually a medical condition called Peyronies where the penis is curved. Have you had this diagnosis? There are things that can be done if the curve is substantial enough. It can be dangerous in some ways as well (urologically speaking) and definitely can cause pain to you and your partner during sex.


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