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Hey all- Sorta lost here- I've got a ladie thats kiling me(not literally), she is i must say Very very pretty- works out- good blood- medium breasts- just - okay - just very nice..... She as to my knowledge hasnt been with another girl- hasnt been like tied up - pretty straight laced. However she talkes to me about how her ex boyfriend let his friend like sorta walk in and watch him cum n her pusssy and then her boyfriend (as she tells it) left the room - and his friend procceded to gently lick and kiss her pussy with his mouth- she says he didnt touch her with his hands nor did she allow him ( although he begged) to place his cock in side her..... I too have never been nor tied up any of my girlfriends(yes -not being whatever- i am too very secy and although very straight very nice... love to kiss touch and kss.... she is pusshing me to tri new things-she wants a girl--- im sotta lost here-any info??//bran

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I have to agree with Howard. A successful relationship is based on TRUST & open communication.

Of course you want to be willing to try new things, so long as you're BOTH comfortable doing so. Putting forth ideas is good, but, a good partner will accept a "no thank you", and move on. I'm all for experimentation, but, BOTH parties have to be willing to try it.

If your GF wants to experiment, that's great, but, it can't be behind your back, or not against what you are willing to do. If she keeps pushing and pushing, the relationship should be rethought. It's disrespectful and inconsiderate.

If she's bi-sexual, gay, or straight is only something that she can figure out, and it should not be at the expense of your morals.

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