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Trojan Mint Tingle Condoms


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I just LOVE mint!! I was so excited to get these Trojan Mint Tingle latex condoms to try out. When hubby took one out of the package of 3, we both noticed that the condom itself was a minty green color. What fun! It kind of reminded me of “alien green”, but in a cute way, though I didn’t say “cute” out loud. I don’t think that would’ve helped. :P I could also smell the mint from it. Not being able to resist, I said, “Do I detect a hint of minty freshness?” Yeah, I know, cheesy movie line, but it was SO fitting! I got an eyeroll for my effort on that one. :rolleyes:

I don’t like giving oral with condoms (since this is with my husband, I don’t find this necessary. But I do promote condoms with oral sex with untested partners). However, I put my finger on the condom, then tasted it, and, yes, indeed, there is a STRONG minty flavor. YUM! Bonus!

Hubby didn’t care for how the condom felt in his hands though. It was almost as though it was covered with a slight minty lotion. He said it was kind of slimy feeling. Since he wasn’t use to it, he really didn’t care for that much. He is, um, of generous size, so the condom was a bit snug. No worries about it sliding off though. Any man that is longer than 7”, or of wider girth, may find these condoms a bit too snug. But, for the good of my reviews, he tolerated the slight discomfort. Whatta man! The tightness acted similar to a cock ring though. B)

I was plenty lubed up, having had lots of foreplay with fingers and toys, so even with the very slick lubricant on the condom, he was able to enter me with ease. The box says that it’s “Mint-Tingle”, but for me it was more like “Mint-Warm”. No tingling, <_< just a warm feeling, kind of similar when you put a menthol based lotion on an aching muscle-warm, in a good way. So, the feeling was pleasant enough.

I promote the use of condoms, so, these “Mint-Tingle” condoms will add a bit of flavorful & inexpensive fun to your safe sex practices.

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