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This could be the most unique and interesting toys I have ever had the pleasure to review.


Taking this out of the package is different because it comes with multiple heads and looks like a toothbrush. Every head is unique and simply snaps on after you pull the others off the base. It uses 3AAA batteries (N.I.) and the configuration is odd and not quite standard. After a short trial and error session, I got the batteries in and pushed the button on the bottom and started the vibe going a mile a minute.

We used the flat face first and figured no lube needed and especially not silicone lube as this toy is made of silicone so you wouldn’t want to dissolve the heads. With a little foreplay I set this toy to my wife’s labia and gave her a percussion massage to her lips. Slowly opening them brought her a whole new level of oooh’s and ah’s.

Soon she ask if it could go any higher and I clicked the button again and sent the massager into overdrive and her over the edge. We have used every head with similar results. She can tease and toy with herself using this but soon after she puts this toy on high, she is quaking and shuddering in a strong, toe curling, eyeball rolling orgasm. There really is not that much to review on this toy, other than it works, the batteries are a little tough to figure out, but this is one heck of a toy and the interchangeable heads are great for variety. Variety is the spice of life after all…..

Add some spice to your bedroom

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Was it a loud toy?

It really DOES look kinda like one of those automatic toothbrushes!! LOL

The attatchments snapped on and came off easily? Were they easy to clean? Did you get the pleasure of using it on you too?

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It is a bit on the loud side (How did I forget that?) and I would caution against using it with roommates in the house. I didn't get it used on me and I don't think it would work because the head spins side to side and I just can't really fathom that feeling good on the naughty bits. The attachments are easy to put on and take off, and therefore super easy to clean. Just warm water and some soap; you can submerse them since they have no internal workings, but are simply silicone.

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