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Well, this isn’t MY first bullet, but I certainly recommend it for any level of toy user!

Sleek, black, and very powerful, this cute and simple bullet has 3 settings: off, high and REALLY high! The controller has the switch up at the narrower part, and the switch just slides up to either setting.

It takes 2 AA batteries, which aren’t included, and I was impressed by the power this simple-looking shiny bullet. The bullet is a bit on the loud side, and I joked with hubby, while he was using it on me, that it sounded a lot like an engraving tool, but not to get any ideas! I’m not sure if it’s waterproof, since the simple clear zippy bag it came in only said “Loves”, which I am assuming that’s the company that makes it. But it does have a clear rubber “gasket” type thing that is where the cord comes out of the bullet, so, I would hazard a guess that the bullet itself is waterproof. Especially since makers know that bullets are usually inserted at one time or another. But I don’t want to say for sure one way or the other. The bullet also has a slightly noticeable seam in the middle of it.

As with any bullet, using all around my nipples, clit, and vaginal lips were wonderfully stimulating. And this one doesn’t disappoint with the strong vibes to the clit, just how I like ‘em. Plus, I had fun running it up and down my hubby’s shaft and balls. It slid over his skin easily, without any lube, since the plastic is so slick. The seam wasn’t uncomfortable or painful, but it was noticeable on sensitive areas.

This bullet is great because of its simplicity, ease of use, and of how inexpensive it is. A great addition to your toy box, or a great beginner’s toy for those who wanted to try one, but don’t want to spend a lot of money. Plus, I think every woman’s “Toy Box” should contain at least one bullet!

Gotta Have My First Bullet

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WoW! WoW!! WoW!!!

I’ve gotta start by saying this vibe was a COMPLETE surprise to me! When I pulled it from my most recent TooTimid box and saw it, I didn’t think much of it. Made of all black plastic and packaged in a simple ziplock bag with the word “Loves” printed on it, it seemed kinda cheesy and cheap - hence, I didn’t expect much from it.

Although my husband might proclaim otherwise, I’m going to say I love being proven wrong! This bullet is fanTAStic! It had me screaming and coming over and over and over again!

First, the price: VERY inexpensive! You just cannot complain about such a GREAT item at such a LOW cost.

Second, the POWER!! I had to pull out my Silver Bullet (a favorite of most bullet lovers) to compare their strengths (tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!) and they are almost perfectly matched - except the difference in the vibrations. They’re both really powerful, but My First Bullet’s vibration is “rougher” whereas the Silver Bullet’s is more smooth.

My First Bullet has an easy to use switch on its control pack. From the OFF position, one flick of the switch turns the vibes onto a LOW setting, another flick turns them onto a HIGH setting. It goes from OFF to mMmm to YESYESYES that simply!

Two easily inserted AA batteries (not included) are required to make this toy work. While it’s not waterproof, it does have a rubber piece on the bullet around where the wire is, so it’s probably water resistant, which makes washing a breeze.

Every woman should have a bullet (or ten) in her toybox. They’re versatile, non-intimidating, travel-ready, compact, powerful, functional, and FUN. This one gets my HIGH recommendation and has WELL EARNED its place within the TOP FIVE bullet ranks in our toy collection.

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Ok I have been looking for a new bullet so SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! to me I really enjoyed both reviews and look forward to sharing my experince with you.

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