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So the Germans have once again crafted a fine fast moving piece of machinery. No I'm not talking about the newest Mercedes Benz, but Fun Factory's Astrovibes. The Germans have always been known for auomotives, elecronics, fast things and Claudia Schiffer. Well this vibe wraps up all of those things into one fine german piece of sexiness.

First off its got some unusual contours. This vibe has a very sleek tapered body with lots of curves and elongated bumps, a fine feature. It's made of silicone, so be careful not use any silicone lubes with it. But, because it's silicone its very very soft to the touch and even softer on my body. It's not waterproof so make sure to fully let it dry before using it and do not get the bottom wet. There's a small warning sticker on the bottom to remind you and this is where toy wipes come in real handy. It takes standard AA batteries and it's very easy to insert and get started.

The Astrovibe's key advertised feature is a very quiet motor. I've noticed that the quieter the motor and softer the vibe, the weaker the vibrations. Not the case with this vibrator! Surprisingly the Astrovibe has a fairly descent array of powerful vibrations and is still quiet. So if you tend to have houseguests, roomates or kids around in ears reach I would say this vibrator is a winner.

While I tend to like vibes with less resiliency, the flexibility of the vibe itself was outstanding. I rocked this vibe back and forth inside of me in conjunction with a clit stimulator and it was fabulous. The flexibility of it really does allow you to abuse it to your little hearts desire! It really is an interesting looking and feeling vibrator and I would recommend it to anyone wanting something different or for those who prefer softer feeling vibrators.

P.S. Some of the finer things brought to us by the German's: Here's some quotes from Mike Myers of the TV show Sprockets on SNL. (But quite appropriate for a toy review) Enjoy!

"Would you like to touch my monkey? Touch him! Touch my monkey!"

"I am filled with anticipation (remorse), and it is most delicious."

"Textures intrigue me."

"Now I am as happy as a little girl!" (spoken while pinching the fabric of his shirt at the nipples and pulling it away from his body)

Check out fine german engineering here

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