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  1. How's The Weather Where You Are?

    90s hot, humid(weird for SD). Summer!
  2. Inked Glass Probe

    nice. oh modern technology and art. how I love it!
  3. Dvd Show Series Recomendations

    Dexter is freakin amazing - showtime though. And if you're into the abnormal the show Six feet Under was Fantastic. I really love Flight of the Conchords but you have to get quirky humor to get it some of the jokes, but all around very fun little show. I have the series Carnival on there from a couple years ago. But it was a very strange series (only 2)
  4. Liquid Silk Lubricant

    I love liquid silk. I have to agree that it doesn't feel tacky and seems like a little goes a long way.
  5. So I Found This Website. Hahaha

    two bony fngers up!
  6. Boob Challenge 2

    LGP - love the third shot. Great job at creating curves and lines to keep the eye going!
  7. Forum Feedback

    Im on a mac?
  8. Forum Feedback

    Looks good to me.
  9. Me too LL. I had forwarded an email blast to a girlfriend who opted out, getting me bumped off the email blast list. Possibly the same problem?
  10. Forum Feedback

    Love the new forum skin. Light, bubbly, fun. Thoughts so far: - The message area = much better. The old one was quite clunky. And yes, as Mik said, having a # show up is bueno. - LOVE the fast reply at the bottom of threads. - The tabs on the main page are great for viewing new content as well as quick reads on new members,gallery, etc. - Picture viewing received quite a facelift. I like that when you click on an image it shows up as a polaroid. FUN! - I do agree that the number one downfall to this new forum layout is the bottom sign in. Its just not very user friendly or well, obvious. As far as board activity, that will always come in waves as from what I've seen in the last couple of years. People come and go, new questions are asked, new problems arise. Board activity rising also depends on all of us remembering to share part of our lives on here. It doesn't have to only be about sex, desires or problems. Creating a forum family is what causes movement.
  11. strange.... i'm on your email list and never saw anything about this and I get TT's email blasts regularly. very odd.
  12. An Effective Diet..

    oh boy.
  13. Breastfeeding Exposed

    Wow, this is a heated topic that has taken some turns! As with any subject that can be emotionally steamed, lets try and be respectful of each others opinions, and sensitive to it being a subject that has many answers. I posted this because after hearing from my associate how heated things got in his forum I realized this is a subject with so MANY MANY answers and outlooks. There is no right or wrong answer IMO. Its a matter of making what works for you best and for your family. And being that Social etiquette ranges so widely, this made it interesting to me.I was really just curious as to the views of so many women who are on this board who are a bit more sexually conscious of society and also many of you mothers.
  14. Breastfeeding Exposed

    I couldn't agree more.
  15. Breastfeeding Exposed

    I was having a discussion with someone today who was in a heated forum topic on another site about breastfeeding. Apparently a couple was meeting with a wedding vendor. While in the meeting, the mother drops open her shirt and begins to breastfeed their 1 yr old. Do you feel that there are certain established levels of social etiquette that exist with public breastfeeding? Is breastfeeding a woman's right to feed her child how she sees fit? Do you feel this is on some level a form of sexual exploitation? Thoughts?