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There's certain toys you should always have in your mélange, a bullet being one of them. Its one of the most versatile toys you can own for external or internal pleasure. And the Wicked bullet is another great choice from Tootimid.com to fill that hole!

Its a pretty quiet toy, nice if you need quiet toys to keep things private in the bedroom. I thought it had a great array of speeds accessible on an easy to use controller and it definitely met my standards as far as high speeds! It's not waterproof, so wash it carefully, pat it dry and make sure it's fully dry before inserting the required 2 AA batteries. Compared to other bullets this wicked bullet is a bit larger than the average bullet which was wonderful for a change up. At three and a half inches long and one and a quarter inches in diameter, I could feel the difference(I'd say the average is 2 inches long by 1 inch wide). It also is one of the cutest bullets I've ever owned; half of it being silver and the other half a sparkly pink glitter. It's always a bonus when your toys are actually cute! I think it makes it a little more fun to pull out and use.

Bullets are so versatile, be it for external or internal use, vaginal or anal. They're great to start off with for teasing. I love to surprise my boyfriend in the middle of the night by starting off with rubbing his pecks with it. The vibrations instantly wake him up and he knows its go time! He usually grabs it from me and takes over with selecting which spot to massage with it next. But at least I get the first go! Being such a well rounded toy, if we plan on having vaginal sex I usually use bullets anally and vice versa. They're great for dual action and I cum soooo hard. The Wicked bullet being just a little bit larger than the average helped me get there quicker and I loved using it. This is a great toy for beginners to advanced. If you like bullets, this larger one is divinely wicked and worthy of trying out!

For a Wickedly good choice

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Let me start off by saying this Wicked Glitter Bullet is great. My husband and I are always looking for new ways to explore...and a new toy is a great way to start. When I showed my husband our newest addition, I got an immediate reaction he was ready to go. This toy gave us hours of pleasure and we enjoyed using it in several different ways. I was even able to use it when giving my husband oral sex, I placed it under his balls and the sensation was incredible...he was ready to cum almost instantly. We both took turns using it on each other and I found that it is perfect for internal and external stimulation.

This Wicked Glitter Bullet is cute and quiet and it fits right in the palm of your hand. This Wicked Glitter Bullet from www.tootimid.com is an impressive added collection to the adult toy department.

With the very powerful and adjustable multi-speed scroll control function right there at your fingertips it is very easy to find that spot right there that works perfectly for the right person. The Wicked Glitter Bullet is larger then the average bullet defiantly has its advantages verses the ordinary bullet. If you are looking for a bullet that has something a little different to offer then you have found the right one.

The Wicked Glitter bullet requires two AA batteries and it is very easy to clean. I recommend using Antibacterial Toy Wipes to clean this bullet with it is quick and fast. Since this bullet is made out of plastic cleaning it is a breeze. Just keep in mind it is not waterproof so do immerse in water and do not get battery end wet, make sure to pat dry when finished.

Glitter Bullet

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