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Genie In A Bottle


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A man walks into a bar with a small box in his hands and sets it on the bar top. The bartender walks up and asks what is in the box.

The man says: "Tell ya what. I'll show you what's in the box, but if you've never seen anything like it, you give me a free drink."

Bartender says: "Sounds fair."

The man opens the box and there is a little guy in there playing a piano.

The bartender exclaims that indeed he'd never seen anything like it and gives the man his free drink.

The bartender says: "Well what is the story behind that?"

The man says: "I was walking down the beach one day and found a bottle. I picked it up and rubbed it to read the label when a Genie popped out and said he would grant me one wish".

The unbelieving bartender says: "You still have that bottle."

The man produces the bottle and hands it to the bartender and the bartender rubs it. Sure enough a Genie pops out and says he will grant the bartender one wish.

The bartender says " Great! I'll have a million bucks."

The Genie says: " Done." He snaps his fingers and returns to the bottle.

A few minutes later the bar starts filling with ducks... floor to ceiling, ducks, quacking away.

The bartender yells to the man, through all the quacking: "Your Genie is hard of hearing! I ask for a million bucks and he gives me a million ducks!"

The man yells back: You're telling me? You think I asked for a twelve inch pianist??

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lol an old one but a good one

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