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My G.F really wants try to have sex w.me with a strap on ever since Madona's inncident. There was two times where we have had way to much to drink and she has taken her personal dildos to me. I did not recall this the next morning but was only a little sore. Her toys were considerable size, 8 inches, and said I took them like a champ. Like I said I was only a little sore the next morning and do not recall the night. I was wondering if there was any women out there who has either tried this or experience anal sex. Anyone got any advice on positions, sizes, problems, comments or just any information what so ever?

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If you read the forum you will see that many women here have participated in strap-on anal sex with their husbands or partners. This is becomming a much more prevalent occurrence with straight males. It is normal and healthy as long as you are safe about it. Meaning, following proper anal etiquette.

So as far as positions and such, just do what positions you would use if having anal with her. If she is using a strap on, any position good for her, is good for you!

Have FUN!!

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