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This is my first time coming across this website and am absolutely thrilled to be here!!! I am always looking for new things to try and have done to me. I've looked on line occassionally, but have been disappointed by finding mostly links to porn sites or just the same ol' same ol' information. This site has been very refreshing and informative. Especially in the sense that everyone seems to be here to openly share their experiences and find out possibly new ones to try on their significant other and not just looking to "hook-up" with someone.

Okay so you all know you're great and before you get a "big head"... I mean ego, I would like to share some of my own fun tricks...

My family has always been very open about sexuality and when I met my SO that I live with, he wasn't quite sure how to take me. He had had many experiences himself and had a wild side to him. But he had never been with a woman who actually came while giving him a blow job. I love giving blow jobs and always enjoyed them in the past relationships, but then it was because of the power I felt... it wasn't sexual, but more empowering. With him it's completely different. It's to the point I am almost obsessed with giving him head. He knows this and has actually pulled me off of him when he's about to cum, holding my hair so I can't get to him and makes me watch him jack off in front of me. This drives me insane!!! Because then he won't let me taste him until he's done and I love swallowing and tasting his cum.

I can't wait to try the humming, corn cob and figure 8 on him tonight... will have to write how that goes!

My favorite thing to do is tie him up hands & feet, standing up in a spread eagle in a door way with a restraint system that he made me with ropes & cleats (used to tie rope on boats & flagpoles - about $3 at a hardware store), then doing everything I want.

I also love to make him watch me give him head. This drives him nuts as I tease him, always slowing down when he's about to cum to prolong the session. When he can't take anymore he grabs my hair holding me still and thrusts his cock in my mouth. Since he wears glasses I found the best position for him to watch is when he's on his back up against a wedge pillow. You can find one at a medical supply store for about $15 which is exactly the same as the $100 ones you find in some sex toy stores.

Having great sex accessories doesn't have to be expensive, you just have to be creative!

Okay will write one more for now, then I have to get some work done...

I like having him tied up on the bed for this - I take a very soft nylon rope wrap one end around my foot and between my toes. Wrap it around his penis and balls gently a couple of times, while teasing him with light kisses, nibbles, sucking, etc. Having the other end of the rope in my hand. I kiss his mouth and slowly increase the tension on the rope to tighten the grip around his package. This works basically like a cock ring, but you get to control everything. Remember you have to be extremely careful and have a very trusting relationship. I then proceed to lick his head, down his shaft and his balls. Take him slowly in my mouth, playing with the edge of the head.... do a variety of things to start to bring him to climax, changing the tension from loose to almost over the edge too tight... making sure that I don't get to the point of him calling out his safe word. Just when he's about to cum I release all pressure around his balls & cock so he's free to cum completely wide open in my mouth.

We are very blessed to have eachtother! Soon I'll post some of the mind blowing things he does to me.

Okay, now I'm going to call him and see if he's taking his dinner break soon at work.

Once again, love this site and will definitely be a frequent visitor and poster!!!!!!

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