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Beauty And The Bitch


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Beauty and the Bitch

Everyone loves to see the mean girl get some comeuppance. Our bitchy star in Beauty and the Bitch 2 disc collector's edition certainly does throughout this slightly odd and maybe trying too hard to have a plot porn movie. There's a regular stable of skin flick pretty people, and every scene includes multiple positions. It's nice, but nothing overly spectacular. The one scene shot in a beautiful black and white is probably the best of the bunch. In one scene I couldn't help but focus on the hair of one of the women, trying to determine if the little twists were done that way to evoke devil horns.

One of the greatest features of the DVD is the breakdown on the menu. You can jump directly to the oral sex, the anal, or the ending of any sex scene. It's a handy feature if you're going to want to watch a particular scene again. There are numerous extras of other previews, extra footage and even bloopers. I am mildly baffled by the director commentary. Unless you're interested in the workings of making a porn movie, it seems like a weird addition. Ultimately, if you like the action this DVD is well suited to multiple viewings.

There's a cliché that porn stars can't act. This movie is not going to do anything to dispel that idea. Watching this DVD gave me flashbacks to watching some of those first couple seasons of Passions during the day, when in between the romances and divorces and general drama there was a witch with a talking puppet and all other kinds of wackiness. If you love that sort of thing, then perhaps this movie is for you!

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