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Hot Night With Wife

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I'm not sure if this is the place for this or if anyone cares but the wife and I had a particlarly hot night a couple days ago.

We had finally gotten our daughter to bed and was cuddling in bed kissing and endulging in some foreplay before intercourse, I was against her back playing with her breasts while she stroked my cock. She really likes her nipples played with and pulled just to the point of pain so I was pulling them and slightly rolling them to stimulate the nerves, rolling the nipples then dropping to the aerola and caressing them, then sliding my fingers up the nipple tugging them out and rolling them again while kissing her neck. Her moans and breathing turned me on like mad, her legs kept sliding up and around mine so I knew she was getting very wet, she kept masturbating me and as she kept moaning from the nipple stimulation the harder I got. She hasn't ever came before without penetration or clitoral stimulation before, but she did then, which drove me over the edge, cumming on her hand and the sheets.

It was one of the hottest nights we have had in 11 years of marriage, something about the act just turned us both on, maybe from it not being planned and just happening, don't know, but it sure was hot!


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OOOOOOO LA LA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for sharing you WONDERFUL night it always make so fuzzy inside when I hear (read) stories like yours realizing that romance, intimacy, and all those other Fantastic things we do is never dead please continue having Great love making and fun with your wife.

Please continue sharing with us also

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It's always nice to hear that people in long-term relationships/marriages can STILL get so turned on by each other! It's great to hear about it, and thank you for sharing!

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