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Lennox films is most notable as a company producing films geared towards women. Aquaerotic is a fine example of this very different kind of non-mainstream porn attracting women and couples.

From the very first scene it is appearent that this film is aimed at women. The camera is trained on the man in the scene almost exclusively, rarely even showing the face of the woman. A lot of soft wide shots are used, circling the actors and viewing them from afar. It created the feeling of a more long sensual encounter. There are few close shots, and even fewer actual "close ups" and they tend to be really only of the men. The scenes are long and build up quite slowly, going from kissing and petting to oral and eventually intercourse. As the name implies these are all water related sex scenes, the first taking place in the a hot tub, moving on to the spa, etc. The film does not have the Ron Jeremy type guys, but ones that are actually sexy hot men and tend to be well endowed as well. I love eye candy!

While I personally don't prefer this type of porn, I think there are a lot of women searching for stuff more along this path. It's more slow paced, geared heavily towards showcasing the man and his immaculate physique. It's not the kind of film you watch if you are looking for hot steamy dirty sex scenes or for that matter an anatomy lesson. Seeing so much of the same kind of porn, this company's film stylings is quite a diamond in the ruff. If you are looking for a film that is not the norm, check out Aquaerotic. Or for that matter any of Lennox films' new gems.

A whole lotta sexy wetness

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