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Trojan Twisted Pleasure Condoms


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Trojan gives a new design to the classic condom. The new wave of ribbed for her pleasure is the twist. Now I’m a classic condom girl, but the twist intrigued me. The package notes the deep spiral ribs to stimulate both partners. My man did note that these felt the same as any other rubber, so the ribs are once again aimed at the women.

The innovative design on these lubricated condoms is a treat. Your normal ribbed condoms are ribbed around the shaft and head, made to stimulate her inner walls. The ribs on Twisted Pleasure condoms are twisted - they go up at an angle on the closed end of the condom - around the head and beginning of the shaft. As a woman in test mode, these did not feel like ribbed condoms but did give an extra little stimulation. Like I said before, I’m not normally a fan of ribbed condoms, but these are unique and will go on my shopping list when our stash runs low.

The lubricant in these condoms does not contain Nonoxynol-9, a spermicide which can irritate persons with sensitive skin. So they are safe to use as any other lubricated condom. These are latex condoms, so people with latex or rubber allergies should not use them at all. All in all, these are a great twist on condoms, and can bring a little extra something to the bedroom, although it seems more for her. I’d love to see if any other couples were able to give him some extra sensations.

I also have to add that my man and I use condoms every time, and they are almost always Trojans. Therefore, I am a bit biased to the quality and relability of Trojans. But we're always up for something new and these twisted condoms are a delightful change... for me at least.

Play safe!! :)

Come on baby - do the Twist!

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I get these in the Magnum size and my wife loves them. The extra twists are a big bonus to her over the standard Trojan. She loves the extra stimulation on her vaginal walls. The magnum is just as good as the regular I guess, but it's nice to have the twister in a size for the bigger man.

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