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Inside The Mind Of Chloe Jones


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Vivid Entertainment brings you another hot adult film directed by Chi Chi La Rue with Inside The Mind Of Chloe Jones. Starring Chloe Jones, Dillion Day, Jessica Draken, Evan Stone, and more, this DVD has all sorts of features: the main movie, alternate angles, chapter selection, photo gallery, and bonus scenes.

Ever feel like you’re outside your own life, looking in, or that you’re going fucking crazy? Ever have some seriously crazy dream, and wake up going “huh??” Well, if so, then you and Chloe have something in common. Curl up in your straight jacket, and watch her trying to unlock what all these dream fucks mean.

Having sex with a boss-man on a metal table, rollin’ in the hay with 2 other women, then having a cowboy (complete with gun holster) come in and join the fun, masturbation, lots of foreplay, oral, foot fun, different positions, beautiful bodies, great lingerie, and conflicting info with her crazy alter-ego all make this film one that want to really watch carefully. The one thing I want to know is, is exactly where did she have that toy hiding in her cell? Watch her dreams unravel on the shrink’s couch, and enjoy her, um, self-discovery!

The sex scenes are quite long, have alternate angles, and are also accompanied by the “porno” music. You hear slight dialogue here and there, including a lot of dirty talk, which I love. This film has something for pretty much everyone, and a plot that really comes together at the very end. I really enjoyed the sexy scenes, and will definitely take the journey again very soon!

Come watch, and try to understand the deep and disturbing mind of Chloe, if you dare!

Get mind-fucked......

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