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OK, so Demi Moore, I’m not, but I thought that this DVD 2 disc set would be fun to try out, since I love to excite my hubby, need to work out, and, let’s face it, it never hurts to learn some new moves! The first disc is the film, & the second one is the music CD that goes with the DVD. Please don’t mistake this DVD for an adult film, with people engaging in sex, because this film is not such a film. But this film is a must have in any woman’s DVD collection!

Join Susan Bremer, a former laser technician, and a 10-year veteran of exotic dance, as she explains and teaches how to use your body to become aware of your sensuality, appreciate your curves, and how your body can move, no matter what your age. This DVD is similar to a workout video in instructions and set up, in an erotic, and self-awareness kind of way. Get up, feel your body move, and don’t worry, cuz nobody’s watching! Watch Susan and her woman friends that are of all shapes, sizes, & ages.

There are many great messages in the film. Not only is she teaching you how to move, but how to learn how to think positively about yourself, no matter how simple it may be, to having great hair, lips, or hands. Building self-confidence is always sexy! Learn how to walk into a room seductively, turn, move every part of your body, and become a natural seductress, no matter what shape, size or height you possess!

Feel like a walking erotic masterpiece, and get this film!

Tempt & Tease

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