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My Mother's Soo Negative.


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OK, so I was talking with my mother tonight, and she was talking about a friend of her's daughter, who thinks overly highly of her father, and doesn't want to hear a negative thing about her father, but treats my mother's friend (her mother) like shit. OK, I get it. My mother's friend WAS abused by her ex husband. She was able to leave. They divorced. It's done.

I understand and can appreciate my mother's loyalty to her friend. However, she talks about it like this abuse just happened YESTERDAY. I think this woman's been divorced about as long, if not longer, than my mother's been to my Dad too (about 25 yrs).

She expects me to jump on her "dump on the guy" bandwagon. Well, yes, I think he's an asshole for doing this. But, like I told her, when you're married and have kids, the relationship between the HUSBAND & WIFE are NONE of the children's business. So, if this girl (who's the same age I am), doesn't want to hear negative comments about her father, that's her right. Learn from it, don't let it happen again, and MOVE ON. She's a little irritated with me for not bashing the guy, but hey, it's been a long time.

THEN she brings up my ex-husband, Dean. Like "well, it's a good thing that something like that will never happen to you cuz you divorced him". I said that Dean never would've hit me, he wouldn't have dared too. He wasn't a wuss, but I could've kicked his ass, and besides, he wasn't like that. And I told her that I really don't give a shit. Yes, Dean cheated on me, but, I divorced him, and I am over it. I have no clue why she keeps bringing this up.

She's very bitter with any man that cheats and/or is abusive. I get that. I don't like it either. I've been hit, cheated on, and with one guy (the only one that hit me) I was both. However, I have matured, learned from it, moved on. And it wasn't as long ago as her issues. I just don't see why keeping such negativity alive is such a good thing. It's sad, but she just won't let it go.

I've literally had to yell at her to shut the F up about my father the last time she was down. I had forwarned her 2 times before that to please stop talking about it. She said that she didn't realize my requests were demands. I told her that, in my house, about my father (who's been dead since 1998), it is, and to shut the F up. She did. But I still don't think she gets it.

Ok, sorry, had to rant.

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