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Well...this is the second "Brazillian" inspired film that I have watched, and I can not honestly say that I enjoyed this one a whole lot more than the first. Here is the thing, this film boasts "all anal scenes" which it has - lots of anal. However, in my opininion, it is lacking a lot of other things. First, the girls are tan, toned and gorgeous, but Brazillian women are not 'enhanced' in the breast department! Most of the women were an B cup or smaller -and for me, that is a turn off! Also, you would THINK that being a BRAZILLAIN inspired film, that the women would have BRAZILLIAN WAXED pussies - but no. Two had full bushes, one was shaven, the others were shaven on bottom, hair on top. That, for me, is a turn off. I love totally shaven - and the half shaven is OK, but I prefer BALD!

The scenery is fantastic - beautiful Rio DeJaneiro. We get to see oceanic views, poolside views, interesting inside views. What we see most of is close up views of the anal sex. NOT penetration - just the sex. In this film the initial penetration of these women's asses is not shown. However, these women are as nimble as a gymnast - they contort their bodies and really do some interesting positions during their anal escapades! In one scene the man is holding the woman UP with her bottom riding on his cock, sort of like he is carrying her over a threshold. IT is unnatural looking but they make it work.

The biggest turn off in this film (and it was also in the other) is the ass to mouth action that seems to be run of the mill in these Brazillian films. I am sorry, but first they have sex sans condoms, THEN these women suck the cock that was just up their ass! If you like this kind of stuff, then this film is FOR YOU! IF not, then stay away - there is a lot of it. There is also no English spoken, the men say about nothing, the only thing you will hear is some gratuitious moaning and some music.

There is minimal oral for the women, decent oral for the men, the women are beautiful but small chested, the men are well hung and blissfully SILENT, the vaginal sex is minimal, the anal sex is MAXIMIZED. There is ass to mouth, no condoms, a few sperm shots, and lots of orgasms. If you want to see Brazillian Babes Getting their Butts Boffed - this film is for you!

Brazillian Butts a Plenty

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